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for Nations

Empowered Nations Thrive.

Warshield empowers community leadership with capacity-training and ongoing mentorship, ensuring communities have a strong, unified voice asserting their rights and interests, and the best tools to build strategies that work for them.
First Nations leadership is complex. Each portfolio area has its own
particular network and challenges. The Warshield team has knowledge
and experience that can help leadership navigate these areas in
order to deliver results and advance each Nation’s unique goals.

2-Day Strategy Session for Leadership

10 hours of workshopping and strategy on a customized agenda, unique to each Nation, and an action-focused strategic report. Governance training and capacity development.

3-Day Orientation for Newly-Elected Leadership

15 hours of workshopping and portfolio-focused strategy sessions directed at implementation, and an action-focused strategic report. Governance training and capacity development.

Retainer Options


We work with leadership to achieve their unique goals, in real time.

Procurement Strategy

We believe in sustainable development that benefits future generations. We can help
develop policies, strategies, and action plans that lead to measurable increases in ESG
and sustainability metrics.

Conflict Management & Mediation

We strive to hear all voices, and work with Nations to find common ground and real solutions.

Lobbying & Government Relations

We develop strategy, provide regulatory advice, and connect Nations with the provincial and federal government departments that can help them advance their priorities.

Business Strategy

We work with Nations to develop strategy that advances their goals related to individual
business and/or community economic development.


We develop communications tools that connect with people, government, and industry (branding, content development, marketing, creative strategy, web design and development, and more).

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