Internship Program

Warshield is proud to offer a 51-week internship program for Indigenous Peoples seeking to gain crucial work experience in a dynamic, diverse, and collaborative environment learning from Warshield’s team of experts. We invite those who are seeking to improve their skill sets and experience meaningful career advancement opportunities to apply when applications reopen in fall 2024.  

The Warshield Internship Program is structured into four key learning blocks spread over a ten-month period:

First four months working directly with Warshield 

Two months working with a Warshield Indigenous community partner 

Two months working with a Warshield corporate partner 

Final four months working directly with Warshield

Warshield aims to provide people of any age with the chance they need to advance their career aspirations and receive real-world learning opportunities. Whether your focus is public policy, community advocacy, analytics, communication, or another related area, we look forward to helping you reach your career goals through authentic, hands-on experiences.

Thinking of applying?


The Warshield Internship Program is designed for Indigenous candidates who have minimal work experience in an office setting and are eager to gain experience in that type of work environment. This fully paid (salary of $41,322.75) and remote position runs for one year. The program further includes: health and dental benefits from day one; $60 per month car allowance; one-time work from home stipend; and, personal possession of the laptop upon completion of the internship. 


For more information on the Warshield Internship Program for Indigenous Peoples, contact Amanda Benevides (amanda@warshield.com).  

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