What we do

For Industry & Government

Relationships matter

We believe the best solutions are found when all voices are heard, and when people work together. This means trust, respect, patience, teamwork, and genuine partnership. We see the opportunities that grow when we align the interests of Indigenous communities, industry, and government partners.

Community Engagement

We connect industry and government with communities in a way that ensures genuine engagement and meaningful outcomes.

Polling & Research

Industry and government want to know what Canada’s fastest growing demographic thinks. We ask the right questions, and connect with the right people, to generate insight and authentic Indigenous data that informs decision-making.

Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) Practices & Sustainability

We believe in sustainable development that benefits future generations. We can help develop policies, strategies, and action plans that lead to measurable increases in ESG and sustainability metrics.


We work with clients to negotiate outcomes that work for all parties.

Conflict Management & Mediation 

We strive to hear all voices, and work with Nations to find common ground and real solutions.

Reconciliation & Indigenous Inclusion

The post-TRC world means Corporate Canada is investing in Reconciliation. We work with clients to develop authentic Indigenous Inclusion strategies, policies, and action plans with measurable results.

Indigenous Awareness Training

Understanding our shared history helps us understand our future. We help organizations meet their commitments to Reconciliation, and build new relationships with workshops centred on Indigenous peoples, history, culture, and what this means for us today.

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